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Chamber Music

This is Radithya's current list of compositions for various chamber ensembles, organised by year of composition.




Terra: The Creation

Written for didgeridoo and chamber ensemble.


Will be premiered in the upcoming event "New Works by QCGU Composers" on May 2023.

Instrumentation: cl. bari sax, 2perc. didgeridoo, drums, pno, vln & vcl

Duration: c. 10' 30"


Written for flute quartet

Instrumentation: 2fl (picc), alto fl & bass fl

Duration: 6'30"


Written for mixed chamber quartet

Instrumentation: Eb Cl, bsn, pno & vcl

Duration: 8' 40"

Stories of Blue

Written for piano and cello duo. A collaborative work with fellow composer Andrew Udal

Premiered at the Sound Devotion Concert @St John's Cathedral, Brisbane, Australia at September 2022.

Instrumentation: pno, vcl

Duration: c. 12'00"

Inside My Poodle

Written for wind quintet

Premiered at the Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University (QCGU) Composition Concert @Ian Hanger Recital Hall, QCGU, Brisbane, Australia

Instrumentation: fl, ob, cl, hn & bsn

Duration: c. 4'00"

Nomads of the North Sea

Written for woodstring quartet (woodwind and string quartet)

Instrumentation: fl, ob, cl, bsn, 2vln, vla, vcl

Duration: 7'00"

Lonely Soul

Written for choir SATB quartet.

Instrumentation: sop, alt, ten, bass

Duration: c. 3'15"


Written for brass quartet.

Instrumentation: tpt, hn, trb, btrb

Duration: c. 4'55"

Bebek Tepi Sawah

Written for recorder quartet.


This piece participated in the 2021 Orpheus Recorder Composition Competition.

Instrumentation: sopranino recorder, sop recorder, alto recorder, 2 tenor recorder & bass recorder.

Duration: c. 6'15"

String Quartet no 1

Written for string quartet.

Instrumentation: 2vln, vla, vcl

Duration: c. 8' 20"


Written for trumpet and cello duo.

Instrumentation: tpt, vcl

Duration: c. 5'00"

Winter Whistle

Written for chamber trio.

Instrumentation: ca, hrp & marimba

Duration: c. 6'00"

26 May 2003

Written for marimba duo.

Instrumentation: 2 marimba

Duration: c. 3' 40"

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